9th Annual Indiana Woodcarvers Summer Camp

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2018 Summer Camp Instructors

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Karen Hundt-Brown

Thunder Drum, Pyrography on gourds,
Gourd Jewelry, Dream Catchers
and many other gourd projects.

(Please bring your woodburning tools!)  –  616-706-9685

Jim Foster 2016     DSC05158

Jim Foster  –  3-D Relief Carvings  –  937-214-7800



Bruce Henn – Caricature Carving

Glen Secor – Fish Carving



Dayle Lewis

Chainsaw Carving afternoons
and a variety of small carving projects in the mornings

Jeff Postma - Chainsaw CarvingJeff Postma huggy bear

Jeff Postma – (Assisting Dayle) – Chainsaw Carving

10410909_690116707740478_3798855801753532883_n Jeff PostmaLookWhatIMade59


Don Nov 2012_edited-1

Don Worley – Caricature Carving – No See Ums

937-845-0741  –

Navy Proud 3

New this year: OLD SALT






Kevin Sturgeon – Pen Turning Demonstrations

I have been demonstrating pen turning at the Duneland Caver’s show in Potage, Indiana for the past two years. I also Demo at the Lake County Fair with Northwest Indiana Woodworker Association for the last four years. I have been turning pens for more than ten years.  No charge for the demonstrations. Pens for sale. If some one wants private instruction I can do that also.

Pens1 Pens2



5 thoughts on “Instructors/Projects/Crafts

  1. This was my first time attending the carving camp. I was very disapointed. Half of the teaching carvers, listed on the comupter site, were not there. Felt like I made the trip for nothing. Why didn’t you have the courtesy to remove those not comming from the computer site? Probably will not go again.


    1. We are very sorry that you were disappointed. There were several instructors who committed to our event, but did not show up. Only one of the missing instructors let us know that he was not coming, but that information was not reported to Marcia, so his name was not removed from the website. Some of our instructors were at another event who changed their date to the same as ours. The rest were expected to attend and teach, but simply did not show up. This is not preventable unless we require the instructors to sign a contract that we can hold them to. We are not a business, and do not attempt to make a profit. We do not pay the instructors, they volunteer to teach.

      Karen Brown has retired from being coordinator of the summer camp. (Thank you Karen for 3 years hard work!) A committee from the Council Oak Woodcarvers Club will be in charge in 2018. We are working very hard to improve the entire experience and we are making a lot of changes. We will make a public statement of what to expect next year on the home page of our website after we finalize our decisions. Our first decision is to make it a 3 day event (Thursday Friday Saturday). I sincerely hope you will give us another chance to make it worth the trip.


  2. Thank you, Marcia. I have a small group of beginning carvers at our local senior center. Some have expressed an interest in going to Breman for one day. I’ll be watching for the 2018 list of instructors. I see the ones you have so far. Will there be more? Thanks to you for all your efforts to make this a great learning experience for us.


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